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Remember Henry Ford? Of course, nobody forgets the man responsible for popularizing automobiles. His genius is so great the automotive industry still thrives today after over a hundred years of him introducing the Tin Lizzie. That's one small step for the revolutionary industrialist and a giant leap for drivers of the past, the present, and even the future. Now what if you have Henry Ford as one of the early designers of an automotive company that till now operates (besides Ford, of course)? Wouldn't that be an even greater bonus than it is a surprise? Well, to date, this is the hype Stant lives up to.

Here is how it started: One of the earliest ornamental radiator caps of the company was called The Flying Quail. It rested on the hood of the 1928 Ford Model A. Henry Ford allowed it to happen since, in the first place, he was the one who suggested it to be there. In fact, despite being confident about the craft of Stant, he was there every step of the way till the accessory was finalized. Now this just proves how even the masters trust the quality of the brand. Which speaks volumes about the capacity of the company to address the needs of drivers both seasoned and rookie. The definitive ornamental radiator cap would progress to more different designs, and such display of artistic and technical aptitude would go on a long way to produce many other top-of-the-line auto parts and accessories.

Today, Stant is known to provide the market with the finest automotive fuel systems, fuel caps, radiator caps, and thermostats. Like The Flying Quail, these products are rooted on great innovation. Some of the company's firsts are manufacturing the two-piece radiator cap, inventing the locking gas cap, and developing pressure-relieving fuel caps, safety radiator caps, and caps that has a rotating shell to allow easier installation. Moreover, Stant has garnered awards for its continuous efforts in fostering growth and improvement in the quality of the products it offers.

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