Standard Knock Sensor & Accessories

Selecting a replacement knock sensor is an important choice, as this amazing little part does important work to protect your engine from harm. Choosing a quality replacement, such as a Standard knock sensor, helps to ensure that the task performed by this part are done as well as possible. A Standard knock sensor serves to detect engine knock by responding to the vibration of the knock, via its piezoelectric element, which generates a voltage, which is how it signal the vehicle computer that an adjustment must be made the spark timing. If the spark timing is not correct, serious damage can happen to sensitive combustion parts, as the odds are that the combustion process is not taking place in the right part of the combustion chamber, which can damage pistons, spark plugs, head gaskets, and rods, as well as reduce fuel mileage and engine fuel efficiency and increase harmful emissions. A Standard knock sensor can be trusted to handle this sensitive task reliably, which is essential to the overall health and performance of your vehicle. Our online catalog features a variety of Standard parts, including a good Standard knock sensor selection. With our well organized and easy to navigate online catalog, you'll easily find the right Standard knock sensor for your year and model, and at a price that will be sure to compete well with what your local dealerships and automotive parts retailers are prepared to offer you. And, what you save here are real savings, of the sort that land in your pocket - we don't take the money you save back for shipping costs. We'll ship your Standard knock sensor, via ground shipping, free of charge. Order your Standard knock sensor online or using our 24-hour toll free number, and our rapid and accurate order processing will soon have it on its way to you.