Standard Ignition Wire Set & Accessories

To maintain your high-performance engine, you need premium parts and accessories working with it. Among the most important are the ignition wires or spark plug wires that deliver the proper amount of voltage into the spark plugs in time for combustion. With their heavy-duty function, you need a more durable and insulated wire set like the Standard Spark Plug Wire.The ignition wires of your automobile come in a number that counters the number of your spark plugs. These wires are attached to terminals in the distributor of your ignition system and are energized whenever the rotor spins about with touching them. The insulated wires pass high voltage to the specific spark plugs they are attached to at the other end. When the spark reaches the plugs and compression takes place at its maximum, you can expect complete combustion inside your engine.The Standard Spark Plug Wire is designed to deliver high voltages of current from the terminal point to the tip of the spark plug/s. It's highly insulated and tested to carry these voltages the safest way, so you can drive your automobile with peace of mind. Installing it properly in place of your worn-out or arcing spark plug wires will ensure maximum spark that will efficiently burn the air-fuel mixture inside your engine.The good news is that you don't have to go further if you're looking for the right Standard Spark Plug Wire. We have it right here at for your fast and efficient online auto parts shopping! And get this: we offer it at a rare discounted price! So, post your order now and we'll ship it right at your home the soonest possible time!