Standard EGR Valve & Accessories

Vehicle makers are constantly striving to reduce the amount of emissions their products produce, as required by law, and the result of the work is a highly complex system of sensors, computer controls, and many other parts. Within this system, the Standard EGR valve serves to help burn the fuel more efficiently, by allowing some of the exhaust to flow back into the intake of the combustion chamber. This allows more of the environmentally damaging hydrocarbons within the fuel to be removed. When the engine of the vehicle has reached normal operating temperature, the Standard EGR valve opens, allowing the re-circulation of the gasses. It operates with vacuum pressure from the engine, or on some newer models, a small electric motor or solenoid. After several years, the Standard EGR valve may start to leak, or just cease operating, and in order to keep the engine running smoothly, and to pass the annual emissions inspection, it will have to be replaced. Our online catalog has the correct version of the Standard EGR valve for almost any vehicle, and it is a great value compared to the cost of the manufacturer's replacement. Because our Standard EGR valve is manufactured to meet the same specifications as the original, it will be a direct replacement and last at least as long. It comes with a full warranty from the manufacturer to support its performance. In addition to the Standard EGR valve, we also carry a wide assortment of other parts and accessories for your vehicle. With our easy web site, you can place your order online in a matter of minutes and we also have a 24-hout toll-free telephone number. Soon thereafter, you will have your Standard EGR valve in your hand, thanks to our efficient order processing system and reliable delivery.