Standard Car Parts & Accessories

It may sound redundant but that's just how it is: Standard is the gold standard when it comes to procuring replacement parts for your car. Sure, there may be a lot of brands out there that can give solutions to your specific automotive needs. They pride themselves with topnotch auto parts and accessories made from the best materials and most advanced technologies. Now what Standard does is to provide a wide array of components for you by collecting all these parts and putting them in one massive selection.

Originally known as Standard Supply Company, it started out in 1945 offering hardware supplies and Gleem house paint to go with a handful of choice auto parts. Soon enough, it stopped supplying hardware and paint and just stuck with the car components. Since then, it has continued to upgrade its ever-growing product selection. In 2007, it acquired a local three-store operation dubbed as Action Auto Parts. With this effort, the company hoped to fuse its engineers' knowhow with that of Action Auto Parts' and, so far, the results have been amazing. Currently, they have around 150 car specialists employed and over a million auto parts being sold.

The selection of Standard spans products such as brake pads, brake rotors, catalytic converters, exhaust pipes, mufflers, belts and hoses, oil filters, spark plugs, radiators, and many other car essentials. You can also acquire from it first-class distributor caps, EGR valves, fuel injectors, speed sensors, etc. These items are tried and tested using stringent manufacturing processes. They are meant not to disappoint and are designed for perfect fitment. As such, motorists can be sure that these components will meet, or even exceed, their expectations.

Want your car to be in top shape all the time? Equip it only with the right parts and accessories. If you want to be sure the components you'd install are perfect for your vehicle, then get your components only from a trusted brand like Standard. Parts Train houses its products in our online catalog. You can peruse our product selection to locate the item you need, then place your order using our hack-free ordering system.