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Can you lift the trunk lid of your car using only a finger? Need a minute to wrap your mind around the idea, huh? No need. Here's your answer: yes, lifting your ride's trunk lid with such minimum force is highly possible. And you don't need to be a superhuman to do that. What you do need, however, are these so-called gas springs. These nifty devices can be your compromise for your lack of super strength to raise your trunk lid. And since they serve a special function, it's a must for you to get them only from a manufacturer that specializes in their production. Stabilus: that's the name to ring the bell.

The company has mastered the craft of creating gas springs and hydraulic vibration dampers. In fact, it has been producing these innovative auto components since 1962. Stabilus makes use of advanced technologies in designing its products, which sometimes are also used in furniture technology, medical technology, and many other industrial applications. Too, it employs only the materials that have passed the strictest production standards. Because of the excellent quality of these gas springs, they remain the top choice of drivers and car aficionados when finding components to buttress their ride's trunk lid.

So how does gas springs work? As the name suggests, gas springs operate by using a compressed gas that is contained in a cylinder and compressed by a piston to exert force. They are situated at the sides of the lid serving as its support. Now if it weren't for them, you'll have a hard time opening your trunk lid as it will be too heavy for your muscle power to lift. Also, if you happen to raise the lid, there won't be anything to hold it up if you don't have well-working gas springs. How can you then load your trunk with your baggage, right? Furthermore, your lid may crash down onto your car's body in the absence of quality gas springs.

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