Spyder Third Brake Light & Accessories

With the Spyder Third Brake Light installed in your vehicle, other drivers will surely and immediately know when you're braking and slowing down. That's because it's installed by your ride's rear window-higher than your stock pair of brake lights and nearer the tailing motorist's line of vision. Aside from that, it emits a beam more intense and more visible than most third brake lights. Add to that the Spyder Third Brake Light's sleek and stylish LED design and you'll definitely get all the attention you need from tailing motorists each time you step on your brake pedal. Best yet, its LED bulb is designed to last ten times longer than other performance bulbs. It doesn't overheat, so you can enjoy its excellent performance for a long time without worrying about replacement.

Aside from great performance and looks, the Spyder Third Brake Light is your ultimate replacement third brake light because it's easy to install. There's no need to drill, cut, or modify anything to mount it in place. On top of that, this third brake light is affordable. If you want this product, you can place your order at Parts Train and we'll take care of everything else.