Spectre Water Pump Pulley & Accessories

The Spectre brand is considered as one of the most trusted performance parts manufacturers at present time. Indeed, for more than two and a half decades in the automotive industry, Spectre has never ceased on producing high quality products that are highly innovative and unique, notwithstanding the fact that they are constructed with the highest level of quality and value. A hobby that turned into a successful business—their humble beginnings propelled them to venture out into an extensive line of products that are presently garnering huge following, not only locally but in the international arena as well.

The cooling system is one of the vital systems of your vehicle. This system is composed of a number of parts that are uniquely functioning to achieve optimum vehicle performance. Some of these are the water pumps which are responsible for circulating the coolant throughout your engine. Failure to do so would result to overheating. Installing a high quality Spectre water pump pulley would greatly aid your water pump in performing its intended function efficiently. Spectre water pump maintains the belt alignment of your water pump. They are constructed of steel with a chrome finish to ensure durability. To ensure a perfect fit, each Rugged Ridge water pump pulley is custom made for specific vehicle makes.

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