Spectre Valve Cover Hold Down Tab & Accessories

The valve cover, as the name implies, is responsible of covering the valve train, which is basically composed of the valve springs, rocker arms, push rods, lifters, and cam. Valve covers are removed when the valves are set for adjustments. When oil is pumped up through the pushrods and dispersed at the bottom of the valve cover, the rocker arms are properly lubricated. Holes in various places in the engine head are intended for the recirculation of oil back down to the oil pan. The valve covers are then required to be oil-tight since they become the usual source of oil leaks. They are often distorted on older vehicles because at some point, the valve cover screws are over-tightened, causing the valve cover to bend. Bending basically results from the materials used in making valve covers. Very thin sheet metal constitutes a valve cover, which make it hardly withstand the force of an over-tightened bolt.

One symptom of a bent or leaking valve cover is the pinching of the valve cover gasket. This manifestation is brought by the gasket that is sealing just one area and not sealing the other. Such condition produces leak, where oil might be leaking down the side of the engine. There are valve covers that are hard to access when they are covered with other engine components. A chronic valve cover leakage might be fixed by using two gaskets glued together.

Your Spectre Valve Cover Hold Down Tab is designed to spread the fastener's load over a larger area of the valve cover flange. This essentially eliminates flame distortion and oil leaks. Valve cover hold down tabs are very important in controlling leaks. They are very much ideal for lightweight valve covers with a beautiful chrome finish.

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