Spectre Timing Tab & Accessories

Your ignition system consists of voltage supply, ignition switch, spinning distributor, ignition coil, spark plugs, and spark plug wires. These components do their important tasks to produce a vital spark that lets you start your engine. The trick to the ignition system with this spark occurs at the spark plug. Such course is more specifically known as the ignition timing, which is controlled by the relationship of the position of the piston to the spark occurrence. Once the ignition spark is brought too soon, it can push against a piston to travel up the cylinder. This happens while the fuel/air mixture is compressed. Early spark can cause detonation, lost of power, backfires out the carburetor, much higher combustion temperatures, and early internal engine part damages. On the other hand, once the spark happens too late, the ignition of your fuel mixture happens after the piston travels back down the cylinder. As a result, there will be wasted energy, unburned fuel, high emissions, and lost of power.

For timing regulation, late model cars equip their vehicles with computers that monitor engine load, piston position, incoming air quality and temperature, and engine RPM. On older engines and most race cars with aftermarket distributors, the ignition system has a simple mechanical advance system in the distributor. Such system lets you set initial idle timing with a timing light looking at the balancer mark and timing tab indicator. While the RPM is increased, the mechanical advance moves due to the inertia within the distributor. The timing is then changed to let the point where the spark plug receives voltage change also in relation to the piston location. The best way to set the timing is through the use of the timing light. However, to get close by ear, you can use the Spectre timing tab for the harmonic balancer in conjunction with a test light.

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