Spectre Timing Cover & Accessories

"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society." This is a quote by American novelist Mark Twain. It talks about the immediate effect of the clothes that people wear on those around them. However, aside from making people look good in public, clothes are also used for protection. Those in cold countries like Alaska or Canada use thermal wear during winter to protect themselves from the cold. Folks in the Middle East, on the other hand, wear robes or loose clothing to protect their skin from the heat of the sun. The same thing applies to the parts of a car's engine. All of these also need protection. Thanks to the car's hood, most of the components in the engine bay are protected from different elements. However, the hood is sometimes insufficient in keeping all the elements from coming in. To help the hood perform its function, companies like Spectre create different additional covers for specific under-the-hood parts. One of these is the Spectre timing cover.

The timing cover shields the different timing components from the damaging elements that may enter the engine compartment. It protects the timing belt, chain, pulleys, and tensioners from dirt and grime. It also seals the crankshaft and prevents oil spill while holding other components like the water pump and the fuel pump. The Spectre timing cover is engineered to be durable. It is made from aluminum and comes with replacement bolts and a rubber jacket.

However, since the timing cover is exposed to different types of elements, it is still prone to failure. Corrosion and dents are just some of the damage that the cover may encounter over time. Failure to recognize damage in the timing cover leads to the deterioration of the timing components, which inevitably results in poor engine performance and even engine failure.

If you feel that your vehicle's timing cover is not capable anymore of meeting your needs, go for a replacement Spectre timing cover. This ensures that all your timing components are well-guarded and safe. If you want one at a discount price, visit us here at Parts Train. Our site is accessible anytime and we are more than happy to assist you with all your automotive parts requirements. Just browse our catalog and feel free to use our user-friendly search engine to find the specific item that you need.