Spectre Push Rod Guide Plate & Accessories

The Specter Company has been providing high quality performance parts and accessories for the entire automotive market for almost two and a half decades now. This company grew from a simple hobby that eventually evolved into being recognized as one of the most trusted auto performance manufacturers. The huge following for the Spectre brand could not have been realized if not for the qualities of durability, performance-optimizing abilities and high value that are inherent in every Spectre product. For total power and maximum speed, each product has undergone extensive engineering and rigorous testing.

Your precious vehicle is equipped with an auto component called pushrod that connects the valve lifter to the rocker arm. Its primary purpose is to lubricate the rocker arms and valves by pumping oil through their centers. For your push rod to perform its function efficiently, you must install a Spectre push rod guide plates in order to prevent your push rods from bending; to aid in fixing the misalignment between the rocker arms and lifters; to eliminate push rod wear; and to prevent mushroom valve stem tips. Each Spectre push rod guide plates are made with welded ends that are surface hardened and case hardened to ensure durability and strength.

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