Spectre Crankshaft Pulley & Accessories

The crankshaft converts the reciprocating motion of the pistons into a rotary motion in order to give the turning motion to the wheels. Its job is simply similar to the pedals of a bicycle that convert up-down motion into rotational motion. Usually, a crankshaft is made up of either alloy steel or cast iron. This is linked to the pistons through the connecting-rods. Other parts of the shaft do not move up and down, they instead rotate in the vehicle's stationary main bearings. Such parts are known as journals. There are often three journals in a four cylinder engine. The crankshaft pulley's rubber insert between the crankshaft and the pulley is used to drive the belt in order let the assembly to take up vibration. Rubber may also tend to separate and let the pulley fall apart. Further, belt falls off and cooling is lost.

One thing you can do to deal with your defective Spectre crankshaft pulley is to keep the engine from leaking oil onto the pulley. This is because oil attacks the rubber in the joint between the two parts of the pulley. Always make sure that the front main engine seal is free from leaks. The stock diameter lightweight crankshaft pulley does not affect the reliability and does not contribute to the increased wear, vibration, or noise. Under or overdriven crankshaft pulleys are never part of the operation recommendations. The pulleys that are underdriven would result in drivability and electrical problems such as undercharged battery. On the other hand, overdriven pulleys can lead to poor performance, compromised reliability, reduced fuel economy, and increased emissions.

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