Spectre Alternator Bracket & Accessories

The brackets for the compressor, pulleys, power steering, and alternator are often specific as to the water pump utilized on the motor. The compressor brackets are often intended for specific aftermarket compressors. However, some are designed for several applications.

The power steering brackets are designed for power steering pumps with resevoirs. Several designs of pumps have two attachment points on the back that may be used with right power steering pulley. The alternator brackets are designed for specific internally or externally regulated alternators. They are designed for alternators with some mounting tabs that are directly opposite from each other.

Spectre Alternator Brackets are basically designed to eliminate the excess belt length and tensioners. They leave the alternator in the location with a manually adjusted shorter belt. An alternator bracket works with standard diameter or smaller diameter pulleys by simply changing the belts. Most alternator brackets are aluminum and anodized black to be corrosion resistance, and are packed in a kit that includes hardware and instruction materials. Your high-quality alternator bracket kit is used with the electric water pump without power steering or air conditioning. In case you have a damaged Alternator bracket on your vehicle, set an immediate replacement by initially searching through a reliable online source like Parts Train.

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