Spectre Car Parts & Accessories

For almost two and a half decades, the Spectre Company has been providing the entire automotive parts and accessories market with high quality performance parts and accessories. From what started as hobby that turned into a successful business. In the beginning, it was only a simple business of selling a simple hose covering only to earn enough money to buy auto parts for a 1967 Camaro Convertible. But that was a long time ago.

Nowadays, the Spectre brand is one of the most trusted auto performance parts manufacturers. They now sell their own brand of unique and highly innovative products with the level of quality and value unparalleled by other brands of auto performance parts. From air intakes to exhausts, the Spectre performance products are highly engineered for maximum speed and total power that you can experience as soon as you have installed the parts.

In their facility located in Ontario, California, they have a highly advanced chassis dynometer with a diagnostic and emissions-testing and performance-optimizing capabilities and a highly advanced Super-Flow flow bench which can measure the airflow, pressure and velocity in both intake and exhaust modes. They also have quite a number of expensive scientific laboratory type equipment being used to develop quality products that perform. All of the Spectre products feature value and benefit that any car enthusiast or even a typical vehicle owner can appreciate. The products are tried and tested and they also use the same products on their vehicle's themselves, especially the performance items. You can also try their new Spectre performance modular air intake system and their high performance reusable/washable cotton fiber air filters.

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