Smittybilt Fender & Accessories

The fender is just one of the many panels making up the body of your vehicle. Some fenders are integrated with the front fascia while others are stand alone panels. Assembled from sheet metal, fender is located over and around the front and rear wheels. Typically, the contour begins where the front and back doors end and moves forward to the bumper and upward to the hood. Meanwhile, the rear fender runs rearward to the rear bumper and then upward to the trunklid. Furthermore, the fender is also the area wherein the wheels and tires are housed.

You can get a lot of benefits out of your vehicle's fender. Using a fender with bigger opening allows you to install bigger tires and wheels for a more aggressive looks. In this case, you are able to enhance the styling of your vehicle. The fender also provides protection to the wheel opening to resist rust and formation of sludge due to collected mud, road debris and the likes. And since fender is constructed from sheet metal, there's always a tendency that this device will eventually wear out. If this happens, you are required to look for a quality replacement part or else the appearance of your vehicle will be compromised.

Finding for your replacement fender is not a big problem anymore. There are a lot of replacement fenders that can be availed in the market and they are often offered in various brands. One of them is the Smittybilt fender. Smittybilt fender is made from superior quality and durable materials that are capable of enduring the toughest condition. If you want to avail one of the excellently-designed Smittybilt fenders in town, just visit Parts Train. Here, you can find complete line of Smittybilt products including Smittybilt fender for most vehicle makes.