Skyjacker Transmission Linkage & Accessories

The transmission system in your vehicle contains an assembly of gears, shafts, and other parts that make your wheels move into your desired speed. This enables your vehicle to accelerate forward or backward and to maintain high driving speeds. Modern technology has made the transmission systems of most vehicles easier and more comfortable to manipulate. Before, drivers only use manual transmission; but today, the automatic transmissions are already used widely. Additionally, there is also a combination of these two transmission designs which is the automatic-manual transmission system.

The automatic-manual transmission system is consisted of components of a standard transmission including the conventional gearshift lever and the clutch pedal. This system also includes the gearshift position-selection panel that is located apart from the gearshift lever. Such panel lets you select your desired gearshift lever position by manipulating it without the need to handle the gearshift lever. The controller in the system transforms your gearshift selection to an output signal that corresponds to the gearshift position that you have selected. The transmission linkage is important for the mechanical repositioning of the gearshift lever, automatically in accordance with the output signal.

Your Skyjacker Transmission Linkage includes two motors, two driving links that each pivotally engaged with the motor, a coupler connected to one of the driving links, and a gripper link that is secured to the gearshift lever. The transmission linkage and other adjustments in your vehicle must be checked periodically especially after your vehicle has encountered an accident or has had any major engine work performed. Some problems that will take your temper off are binding of the clutch linkage, disconnected or broken clutch cable, and leak in the hydraulic clutch circuit.

The transmission is one of the most important systems that need proper attention. In case you have a damaged transmission linkage, set a quality Skyjacker Transmission Linkage replacement right away. All Parts Train's Skyjacker Transmission Linkages in stock are new and well-tested. Make your search easy and hassle-free by using our user-friendly catalog of auto and truck parts and accessories here at Parts Train. Call us toll free in case you run into some troubles.