Skyjacker Transfer Case Lowering Kit & Accessories

A Skyjacker transfer case lowering kit typically consists of six bolts with applicable spacers and lockwashers. Installation is a bit complicated. You can start it by using a floor jack to support the bottom of the transfer case skid plate in the center. From the driver's side, remove the middle bolt completely. Loosen up the remaining two bolts alternately to allow the skid plate to lower itself onto the floor jack, then leave the threads engaged on the two bolts. Consequently, move to the passenger's side and extract the three bolts. On the driver's side, you should remove the remaining two bolts.

With the two piece arrangement spacers, use the center hole of the skid plate to take the larger spacer piece. Place it between the skid plate and the frame, where the flat side of the spacer is up. One of the new bolts is slipped on a lock washer. Take the smaller spacer piece then slip it onto the bolt, where flat side is toward the lock washer. Place in the bolt up through the center skid plate hole, large spacer, and into the frame. With this, the jack height may be adjusted to assure proper alignment. You should do the same thing with the remaining two holes then use the new bolts and spacers as you did on the center holes. Tighten three bolts until there is approximately a 1/2" gap between the spacer and the frame. Go to the passenger's side and repeat the steps.

The t-case and drive shaft are approximately on a straight line with each other. Looking at this before installing the lowering kit might let you see a much sharper angle. Subsequent to the installation of a lift kit and prior to the installation of the t-case lowering kit, minor vibration might be obvious when accelerating in third gear. However, the vibration is lost once the lowering kit is installed.

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