Skyjacker Track Bar & Accessories

The track bar, also known as the Panhard rod is a suspension component that provides the lateral location of the axle. Track bar is just a simple suspension device containing a rigid bar running sideways, parallel to the rear axle. It attaches one end of the axle to the car body or the chassis on the opposite side of the vehicle. It is also mounted with pivots which allow it to swivel up and down. Through this, the axle can move only in perpendicular plane. Since track bar does not effectively locate the axle longitudinally, it is commonly used in conjunction with the trailing arms which set the axle in the longitudinal direction.

In short, the track bar serves as a locating and stabilizing connection between the axle housing and the frame. If the vehicle is hauled, the track bar needs to be extended which might cause binding. If unaddressed, the frame and the axle housing will continuously pull against each other. As a result, you will experience some irregularities like roll and yaw as well as steering wheel kick. With this, the ride quality is definitely affected so make sure that your track bar is always maintained in its best condition.

If you noticed that the track bar installed in your vehicle already suffers from wear and tear, looking for a quality replacement part is a must. This time, you don't need to worry much for your replacement parts for they are now widely sold in the market. You can even purchase it through online store so you don't have to waste much of your time and effort. Track bar is available in different brands and Skyjacker Track bar is one of them. Skyjacker track bar is a perfect choice especially if you're looking for a track bar that will deliver maximum performance. You can purchase a Skyjacker track bar here at Parts Train. Just visit us online whenever you need a Skyjacker track bar.