Skyjacker Tie Rod Assembly & Accessories

Conventional suspension system and re-circulating ball steering gears often include the tie rods that connect the center link to the steering knuckle. A MacPherson strut system, which is combined with rack and pinion steering gears, makes use of tie rods that are intended to connect the end of the rack to the steering knuckle. In either case, the tie rod assembly remains at the core of the steering and suspension systems.

Your Skyjacker tie rod assembly is intended to send out the force produced by the steering center link to the knuckle to make the wheels turn. All tie rod assemblies should be inspected at least once a year. The damaged tie rods can cause erratic steering and disproportionate tire wear. Tie rod replacement should come with a new wheel alignment; thus, it is imperative that you keep your tie rod assembly in excellent condition at all times to get away from too much expenses and serious damage.

There might come a time when the ball joint/tie rod assembly will break while you are driving. Such situation will put you into danger by making you puzzled with the direction that your car is traveling to. This is unusual; but a break can always happen to your ball joint/tie rod system. Good thing, this is can be avoided by just doing a regular maintenance in your steering system. You should inspect and repacked with grease the vehicle's front end a few times a year. As your vehicle runs old, friction will wear down the ball joints and threads of the tie rod. Further, corrosion can cause weak spots in the tie rod ends.

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