Skyjacker Tailshaft Conversion Kit & Accessories

Your Skyjacker Tailshaft Conversion Kit is packed with the slip yoke eliminator kit and is designed to replace the stock output shaft with large spline shaft. This trims down the driveshaft bind while using a matching skyjacker driveshaft. This Tailshaft Conversion Kit corrects the rear driveline geometry permanently with a CV Driveshaft and at the same time adding up strength and reliability. Unlike those inferior spacer designs coming from most suspension manufacturers, there is no need to sacrifice the valuable ground clearance beneath the transfer case.

Installation of the said component is a bit complicated so it is better if you look for professional assistance. The first step entails replacement of the factory slip-yoke tailshaft housing with shorter fixed-yoke housing. The distance between the transfer case and rear axle is increased consequently while the heavy duty output shaft and the bearing are installed for increased strength. As an alternative on relying on a traditional cast iron end yoke, the conversion kit includes a stronger billet steel mounting flange for an even more secure driveshaft connection. CV Driveshafts are commonly included h the conversion kits. A driveshaft, with a single u-joint at each end, uses a certain type of CV joint that essentially cuts the working angle of the u-joints.

Your suspension system must be outfitted with good-quality system components. Your Skyjacker Tailshaft Conversion kit is one effective contributor to the increase in strength and reliability of the driveshaft. Perhaps, it is a great idea to place your order in a reliable, one-stop online source like Parts Train, which has been in service for over 25 years!

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