Skyjacker Strut Bar & Accessories

The Skyjacker strut bar, also known as the strut brace, is a suspension accessory used in conjunction with the MacPherson struts on the unibody chassis. This is intended to attain extra strength between the strut towers. With a MacPherson strut suspension system, where the spring and shock absorber are united in the one suspension unit, the whole vertical suspension load is transmitted to the top of the strut tower. This is reverse to the double wishbone suspension with the spring and shock absorber sharing the load separately.

The strut tower in a unibody chassis is a reinforced portion of the inner wheel well and is unnecessarily connected directly to the main chassis rails. There is inherent flex within the strut towers in relation to the chassis rails. The strut bar is designed to lessen the strut tower flex by tying two parallel strut towers together. In such means, the load of each strut tower is transmitted during cornering through the tension and compression of the strut bar as the load is shared between both towers. By then, the chassis flex is reduced.

A customized car can be upgraded further by mounting the Strut Bars, which add strength and performance to your suspension by preventing body roll. Strut bars improve the chassis stiffness as it helps the chassis to be more sensitive to tuning by improving weight transfer to the outside wheels. Your ride is significantly improved by making the suspension work to absorb bumps instead of chassis flexing. The suspension geometry is supported by reducing flex and front frame twist.

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