Skyjacker Steering Damper & Accessories

The Skyjacker Steering Damper is a hydraulic device that is similar to the shock absorber attached to the steering linkage. This is intended to absorb road shock and steering kickbacks. A steering damper basically enhances the driving comfort by decreasing shaking in the steering system. For constant supply of optimum damping force, an electronic control system based on the rotary-type hydraulic damper is used. Steering dampers that enhance 'sure-footed' feeling at high speeds while sustaining the light-effort handling at low speeds was developed. Electronic steering damper might be considered better than the conventional mechanical-type steering dampers.

The damping force at maximum level depends upon the vehicle type, speed, and acceleration. For the automatic ones, the sensors detect vehicle speed and acceleration, and as the ECU controls the damper, the steering damper allows light-effort handling at low speeds. At high speeds, the front end shake triggered by a kickback from the road is dampened. The Steering damper ensures excellent handling not only for sporty riding, but also in different driving conditions. This contributes a lot to the reduction of your fatigue after a high-speed, long distance run.

You can improve your truck or car with top-quality Skyjacker Steering Damper. The steering damper on your vehicle takes responsibility for increasing the control over your steering system. And this means a lot of comfort and convenience. A Skyjacker Steering Damper Kit will provide you with great qualities of a performance damper, which come with extra components that increase the functionality of the damper.

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