Skyjacker Shock Bracket & Accessories

The suspension assembly of your wheels includes the axle beam, the elongated spring, and the radius arm. One important component of this assembly that is known as the suspension bracket has multiple surfaces adapted for flush mounting to the chassis. Such bracket is supported by the axle housing, which has obliquely orientated corner portions that extend between the adjacent vertical and horizontal walls. Suspension brackets basically include the base portion, pair of bracket legs, and contact pads that go between each bracket leg and base portion. Pressure is applied to secure the suspension bracket to the axle housing. Such force squeezes the suspension bracket around the axle housing to generate clamp load. This load is exerted by the contact pads against the corner portions of the axle housing.

Manufacturers alter the torsion bar to adjust the ride height in order to compensate for heavier or lighter engine packages. When ride height is adjusted by turning the adjuster bolts on the stock torsion key, the rotation of stock keys can bend the adjusting bolt. Moreover, the shock piston can be brought outside the standard travel. Over-rotating the torsion bars will cause the suspension to hit the bump stop prematurely, resulting to a rough ride. Aftermarket forged torsion key kits are used to prevent over-rotation, while shock brackets are used to keep the piston travel in the stock position.

Damping controls the travel speed and resistance of your vehicle's suspension. With a quality Skyjacker Shock bracket on your suspension, your travel is more likely brought about comfortably. Having a proper damping level is ideal since your vehicle settles back to its normal state in a minimal amount of time. In case you have a damaged shock bracket in your suspension, get a new one from Parts Train.

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