Skyjacker Coil Over Shock Absorber & Accessories

Your Skyjacker Coil Over shock absorbers are capable of providing better ride and handling. Coil over shocks are often designed with to custom-fit a certain vehicle. Vehicles usually have specifications that considerably vary particularly in suspension design, weight, weight distribution, and rebound performance requirements. Skyjacker designs and builds automotive shock absorbers with high-performance potentials inorder to bring superior suspension control and exceptional ride comfort. The shock design parameters are carefully engineered for single application.

Travel is one of the most common problem areas in specialty vehicles. It thus reduces the space for suspension mounting. The lowered vehicles often bottom out with soft springs and shocks, while those stiff springs bring a harsher ride. Adjustable shocks minimize travel problems by giving the builder an ample choice of heights, spring weights, and six positions of valving that starts from soft for normal loads to more firm for maximum load conditions. The shock valving is not capable of supporting weight but, the stiffer the setting the slower the suspension movement is due to increase in damping effect. Factors come together to affect your driving capabilities. These include travel, shock rate, and spring rate. The suspension system must allow free movement without bind or else, the vehicle will tend to move with suspension movement. The suspension bind is usually caused by incorrectly-designed suspension systems. Hence, proper shock positioning is crucial.

Coil-over struts let you adjust the height of the vehicle. Each of them has threaded sleeve that fits over the strut. Coil-over shocks also allow you to change the height of the vehicle and add some support when you have eliminated the factory leaf or coil springs.

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