Skyjacker Body Mount Kit & Accessories

Body mount sets are usually designed to replace the factory rubber components that break down quickly due to oil, grease, and hard off-road use. They provide a better ride that is quieter than the factory-installed units because of the cushioning and sound insulation values. A body mount set is required for trucks having body lift kits that cause extra stress on the rubber mounts. The kit is packed with the cab and radiator core support mounts while furnished with all the necessary hardware and machined sleeves. Your Skunk2 Body Mount Kit eliminates the undesirable cab or body-to-chassis flex caused by soft factory rubber bushings. This maintains cab and body integrity throughout hard cornering and improves overall handling.

The shock bushes & connected mount kit parts are intended to wear & prevent damages to the more expensive parts of your shock. These are easy to replace especially when you invest in a bush fitting tool to help you sustain a smooth, crash free ride. While the bush/mount kit is attached to the swing arm or linkage, more rotation & mud ruin the operation. This often wears four to five times faster than the main frame mount.

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