Skyjacker Axle U-Bolt Kit & Accessories

As the name implies, a U-bolt is a locking device shaped like the letter U, fitted with threads and a nut on both ends. This bolt, that effectively facilitates clamping, has a bent end that can be circle or square shaped. Once you have damaged axle U-bolts, replace them immediately with high-strength Skyjacker replacement Axle U-bolt kits. These kits work with either stock or aftermarket leaf spring pack. They contain the U bolts, nuts & washers, axle pads and fish plates.

The U-bolt links the axle and the vehicle. This works with the center bolt to provide permanent tie between the spring leaves. The U-bolt nuts should be kept tight. After replacing them, they should be re-torqued within 500 miles to accommodate settling of the springs. U-bolts are not intended to be used again. They will stretch under torque, and when removed, their ability to sustain torque will diminish. Some high-quality U-bolts have threads that are rolled and not cut for superior thread and torque retention. They have exceptional strength and superior forming. Most of them are cold formed and not heated to eliminate scaling, to quench cracks and warped twisted legs associated with some heat treated bolts.

Skyjacker Axle U-bolt kits are precision bent and are basically available as zinc plated for maximum corrosion resistance. They come complete with U-bolts, lock washers, and nuts for easy installation. They may include all the suspension lift systems but can also be purchased separately.

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