Skyjacker Alignment Kit & Accessories

Maintaining the perfect arrangement of your wheels is quite important. A Skyjacker Alignment kit is one very useful kit for your sustaining the excellent form of your wheel set up. The alignment must be checked regularly especially after installing an alignment component such as the spring set. When the wheel's camber is lowered, it will run "increasingly negative". The top of the tire goes angled inward or toward the center of the vehicle. The negative camber helps improve the traction and road adhesion but too much of this can result in unusual handling and increased tire wear.

The Skyjacker Alignment kit is a simple and affordable key for regulating the "negative camber". This contributes a lot in the adjustment of the vehicle's camber back to factory specifications. Furthermore, it allows the experienced chassis tuner to make use of the increased adjustment range to "dial-in" a performance alignment using the negative camber for optimizing chassis' potential. The result, a more precise turning and handling while driving. Additionally, high-speed stability is improved while making an alignment kit that is almost a necessity for the serious performance tuner.

Relative to a wheelless alignment technique, the wheel alignment kit employs a pair of alignment fixtures with the corresponding pair of turntables. Such turntables are capable of supporting the wheels in place and of facilitating easy access to the strut assemblies for alignment functions. The electronic camber gauge tool is basically placed on the fixtures for your instantaneous camber reading. On the other hand, the toe gauge tools on the fixtures work together with a datum line to provide you with an instantaneous toe reading.

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