Skyjacker Add-A-Leaf & Accessories

The Skyjacker Add-A-Leaf Springs are custom-made to match the rear spring of most trucks or SUVs. They provide additional height or replace lost lift because of the added vehicle weight. These springs are crafted from durable steel that is of the highest possible quality and complete toughness. They are pre-drilled at the factory position for your vehicle's spring pack. Tapered leaf ends may compress extra flexibility out of the spring.

Indeed, your stock rear spring packs is improved with the extra lift provided by the Skyjacker Add-a-leaf springs. Their strength and flexibility are achieved through the shot-peening treatment, which is a process of compressing the steel surface with heavy steel shot. Through this, the leaf stays strong and flexible. Such qualities are very ideal for smooth driving and rear-end strength. Your Add-A-Leaf Springs are pre-drilled for the center pin in the accurate location required by your factory spring pack. They are as well tapered on the ends for extra flexibility and easier fit with stock leafs.

Installation might be a bit tricky! The gas tank sits in the way of eliminating the front driver side spring eye bolt. You should disconnect the brake line brackets to achieve excellent accommodation for lifting the frame up. Reinstallation of the springs can be easily done by putting tape around the leaf before lifting them up to join the spring with the eye bolts. The add-a-leaf effectively gets rid of the sagging in the vehicle's rear end.

Your top-quality Add-A-Leaf spring that provides you with one smooth ride is easy to install as it is inserted directly into the existing rear leaf springs. It certainly provides lift and added spring strength. Set your replacement any time of the day with any of our Skyjacker Add-A-Leaf springs in stock! Parts Train promises premium auto and truck parts and accessories that will surely answer your basic auto parts needs. Our toll free lines are open any time of the day for your needed information about your Skyjacker Add-A-Leaf details.