Silverline Car Parts & Accessories

ANSA Automotive has always been known as the ultimate provider of exhaust parts for practically any kind of car. The company has started with everyday automobiles then went on to upgrade the exhaust system of Ferrari race cars. As if that wasn't enough, the company further expanded and soon catered to the needs of light truck owners. Thus came its subsidiary brand Silverline.

The product line boasts of top-quality exhaust systems and their corresponding parts that are specifically designed for import and domestic vehicles, including diesel pick-up trucks. As these vehicles are made for tougher applications, the items featured in this segment of ANSA's part selection are meant to haul more horsepower and torque while keeping exhaust gas temperatures at the low. In the process, Silverline products also help in improving the gas mileage of these vehicles, which eventually leads to enhanced road performance. As the pipes have larger diameters, they allow better exhaust flow, too. A study shows that these first-rate exhaust systems improve performance by as much as 13 horsepower and 23 ft. lbs. of torque.

Silverline exhaust components do not just top the output race but also ace composition standards. Crafted from T304 stainless steel, they are considered the premium sum of ANSA's 45 years of exhaust experience. They have been designed using advanced technologies and are meant to be highly resistant to corrosion and discoloration. They also feature a sleek finish. These steel systems are furnished with a polished muffler that comes with carefully crafted welds. They adhere to a bolt-on design, which makes their installation easy and hassle-free. Because of their topnotch composition, they are also able to achieve that aggressive and handsome sound every driver aspires for.

Want remarkable upgrades for your truck's exhaust system? Check out the Silverline products we have in store for you in our ever-growing online catalog. These items are offered at affordable prices. They, too, are backed by comprehensive manufacturer warranties. With these parts installed in your exhaust system, you can be sure of maximum airflow and effective management of your ride's exhaust gases. These benefits ultimately result in an improved overall performance from your truck.