Silla Car Parts & Accessories

If there is one product that can fully identify the Silla brand, then that product will be the Silla Radiator. And why not, the Silla Cooling Systems has been supplying high quality heat transfer components for almost twenty years now. Aside from the trademark Silla radiators, the brand is also known for the Silla condensers.

These two major product offerings of Silla are all tested and retested to ensure the best quality, and the brand has made sure that every plug and fitting is included so that you will not encounter any problem and any hassle the moment you will have to install the part in your vehicle. Silla is committed to delivering you one hundred percent fit and one hundred percent function all the time. And when it comes to radiators, you are sure that you will get the most appropriate part for your auto, thanks to the Silla brand. You see, the brand stocks over 3000 different types of premium radiators and it carries late model and hard-to-find items as well as popular models. It also offers heavy-duty radiators for certain applications.

Another trademark product of Silla is the Silla condenser. But why choose the Silla condenser over other auto condensers out there? The Silla condensers are engineered and milled by aircraft parts manufacturers to tolerances of +-1/50000 and are one hundred percent CNC-milled. The condensers' aluminum fins have 18-19 fins per inch that will eventually result in fifteen percent faster and more efficient cooling when compared to the other condensers.

And for the copper tubes of the condensers, only the No.1 grade copper is used. The metal brackets are also jet-coated and the sheet metal is covered with a thick layer of zinc. The paint used on the part is water-based semi-gloss enamel that is highly resistant to peeling. And finally, every condenser from the brand is tested with high pressure nitrogen. When it comes to radiators and condensers, you can never go wrong with the Silla brand. Take a peek at the selection of Silla products at Parts Train and get your Silla parts from us!