ShurTrax Car Parts & Accessories

Any driver who has braved the road under a storm knows how hard it is to maintain the balance of his ride given the condition. Times like these, you may experience your rear wheels going all over place. It's slippery, it's crazy, it's dangerous. What truck drivers do when confronted with this problem is to load their truck bed with sand bags or anything (sometimes even packed snow!) that could add weight on the truck to stabilize it. Problem, though, is that it can be messy and, more importantly, defeats the purpose of the truck bed since these hefty objects can take the space meant for your cargoes. So what then is the best solution to the problem? ShurTrax, that's what.

This is a new technology aimed at stopping the unsure spinning of your wheels while you drive in rough weather and enhance the traction of your ride as it runs through a more challenging road condition. Basically, it's a 400-lb. water-filled bladder, which is meant to be spread out on your vehicle's truck bed. By this, you eliminate the problem of dirtying your truck bed at the same time maintain the room for your baggage. No need to bother whether your truck can still carry heaps of your stuff if you have the ShurTrax installed since the item can actually bear a 500-lb. load.

This product is easy to set in place. However, it's best if you keep it warm before you install it. You see, its vinyl composition makes it prone to getting hard and brittle when it's cold. When that happens, it would be difficult to unfold and lay it flat. Now if in case the weather threatens to freeze it up, which may give you a hard time removing it, what you can do is apply biodegradable antifreeze. This will keep the ShurTax spongy during colder days. But then again, it's okay to allow the item to freeze as it is, in fact, meant to be frozen.

Parts Train has this item in its expansive and easy-to-use online catalog. Together with many other nifty auto parts and accessories coming from trusted manufacturers, the ShurTax is offered at a pocket-friendly price and backed by a manufacturer's warranty. You can check our selection to locate this amazing item.