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One of the most terrible things that can happen to your car is for its engine to break down-no! In fact, that is the worst incident you can experience as a driver. On the highway or the dirt road, it doesn't really matter. When your engine dies, it's over for your car. That's it, period. And so, you need to prevent this from happening. First things first: you have to make sure the engine has enough lubrication. You see, proper lubrication can reduce friction between engine parts. Also, it eliminates heat from the pistons, bearings, and shafts. Thus, if you lubricate your engine, you lessen the chances of it to fail. Now if there's a component most important to ensure your engine receives proper lubrication, it has got to be the oil pump. And when it comes to high-quality oil pumps, Schadek has been the top choice of many drivers.

The Brazilian brand was established in 1965 and has continued to manufacture top-of-the-line oil pumps since 1968. It first gained renown in the industry as a company that makes pressure-cast parts crafted from alloys such as aluminum, magnesium and zamak. Interestingly, people in Schadek made this possible by basing their output on the drawings and samples provided by their customers. From this customization process, they advanced to constructing specially-designed oil pumps that became a hit in the domestic market.

Since the company is a fervent advocate of progress, it fostered development for its product line and began making water pumps. These items were equally excellent as the oil pumps they first made. Then came kits that can help repair the pumps. Also, other products such as relief valves, suction tubes, and tensioner kits came to its product listing. All Schadek products are examined using CAD/CAM automated systems before being released to the market. This guarantees customers that the components they get from the brand will exceed basic operating conditions.

Are you in need of a top-quality oil pump? Or perhaps a topnotch replacement for your broken water pump? Then Schadek is your best bet. Parts Train offers parts and accessories coming from the brand. We have the items stocked in our easy-to-use and expansive online catalog. You can explore your options in our selection and forward us your orders using our failsafe ordering system.