Sachs Release Bearing & Accessories

Your transmission system has a throw-out bearing that is often referred to as the clutch release bearing. This is basically placed in between the clutch fork and the pressure plate fingers. Your Sachs Release bearing works when the clutch pedal is depressed. This bearing is not intended for continuous use. Principally, a release bearing is made up of an operating member that cooperates with a throw-out fork and a drive member co acting with the release members of an associated clutch. The operating member is made up of a sleeve mounted on a guide member with relatively rigid projections that runs along the bore of the sleeve, which facilitates the sliding engagement with the guide member. There are channels provided for accommodating solid grease between the projections. These are open at one end of the sleeve.

Once you step on the clutch pedal, the throw-out bearing applies force to the fingers of the spinning pressure plate. The clutch is released after such action. Consequently, the bearing sits idle and does not contact the pressure plate fingers. A worn out release bearing is often conveyed by a whirring or growling sound once the clutch pedal is applied. The clutch usually goes away when the pedal is released. Your Sachs Release bearing can be easily damaged when there is insufficient clutch play that allows it to spin continuously. Once damaged, the release bearing will seize and quickly wear the fingers of the pressure plate. Though your release bearing does not require routine maintenance, it should be replaced when you do a clutch replacement.

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