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Changing gears is always important for your acceleration and deceleration. This process must be done with quality transmission system components. The main components of the manual transmission or transaxle are the clutch assembly, the release bearing, the pilot bushing, the flywheel and the clutch linkage. The pressure plate is the spring-loaded cover that is bolted to the flywheel for the application of pressure on the clutch disc. Once the clutch is engaged, this plate holds the clutch disc tightly against the flywheel so that engine power will drive the transmission. Once the clutch is released, the plate pulls back away from the flywheel, letting the clutch disc to slip or spin freely. A pressure plate is often replaced with the clutch disc when the clutch has failed. The clutch disc is the flat plate with friction facings on both sides for permitting torque to drive the transmission. This disc settles between the flywheel and pressure plate while connecting to the transmission input shaft with a splined hub.

The release bearing is mounted on the transmission input shaft that pushes or pulls against fingers or the spring in the pressure plate to disengage the clutch. The pilot bushing is located at the center of the end of the crankshaft that is intended to support the transmission input shaft. Defects in this bushing can cause noise or clutch release problems. The flywheel is a large, heavy wheel bolted at the back of the flywheel. This maintains engine momentum and serves both as a friction surface and a heat sink for the clutch disc. Clutch cable is employed to link the release bearing yoke to the clutch pedal. Modern vehicle often have clutch cables with automatic adjuster for maintaining proper clearances between the release bearing and the clutch. Once a cable breaks, the clutch will not be released. Once it sticks, proper engagement is evaded.

To activate the throw-out fork of the clutch, a system of levers and cables is sometimes used. Such levers and cables are connected between the clutch pedal and the throw-out fork. Improve your transmission by using high-quality Sachs Clutch Cables from Parts Train's wide collection of auto and truck parts and accessories. Parts Train is very much willing to answer your queries about your particular choice of Sachs Clutch Cable through our toll free lines at any hour.