Sachs Clutch & Accessories

Today, many motorists still prefer manual transmission because it allows them to have better control over their car and better gas mileage. But this can only be achieved if the vehicle is equipped with a well-functioning clutch. The clutch is a part of the manual transmission system that allows the engine power to be applied gradually when the vehicle is starting out. This power is also interrupted so as to prevent gear crunching when shifting. Once you engage the clutch, the power from the engine is transmitted to the transmission and the drive wheels. Meanwhile, when you disengage the said device, transferring of power is stopped and the engine will continuously move without force to the drive wheels.

The capability of the clutch to engage and disengage is only possible if the basic components responsible in doing this process are in perfect condition. This includes the pressure plate, clutch disk, flywheel, throw-out bearing and linkage. To ensure that your clutch is always capable in doing its task, regular maintenance is very essential. Through this, you can immediately take the necessary action in case premature damage occurs. If the damage created in your clutch can no longer be repaired, finding for a quality replacement part is very necessary.

When it comes to reliable clutches for your manual transmission system, there's one brand that stands out among the rest – Sachs. Sachs clutch is engineered to meet OEM specifications. With Sachs clutch, you can be sure that the best power transmission and smooth gear when changing is being achieved. More than that, Sachs clutch is also designed to endure the harshest condition. It is also designed to give you a long service life. So to obtain optimum performance in your manual transmission, employ only Sachs clutch. You can conveniently avail Sachs clutch at Parts Train – a reliable provider of different auto and truck parts and accessories.