SS Brakes Brake Disc Kit & Accessories

The brake discs packed in a SS Brakes brake disc kit are made from high-quality raw materials. They're given customized looks and serve as direct replacements to factory-installed brake discs. The brake rotors are patterned with bolt holes that feature uni-directional, straight vane venting. This allows the rotor to eliminate excess heat from friction, which may result in arcing or cracking of the disc's surface. The kit also comes with unique single-piston cast iron calipers, high-performance pads, and a master cylinder. The new system is also equipped with the necessary mounting hardware, flex hoses and lines, as well as diaphragm power booster.

Installing the components found in this kit is made easy since it includes a manual with easy-to-follow instructions. You also won't need to use complex tools to remove or secure bolts, nuts, and seals of the old system. Your simple hand tools will do. So, to get the exact replacement or upgrade for your old brake disc system, look for the SS Brakes brake disc kit at the online catalog of Parts Train today.