S&B Air Filter & Accessories

After winter, you try to recover your vehicle from all the ravages and negative effects of the cold weather. You also set it up with particular details as preparation for the summer road adventures. Apparently, one important component that you want to function well is the air filter. The air filter is a vital component of a vehicle's intake system because it is where the engine 'breathes'. The engine requires an accurate mixture of air and fuel, hence an excellent air filter must be employed. From the cold temperatures and strong winds, snow, and rain, your air filter would have gone a lot of simple damages. When condensation is brought about, the moisture will find its way into the inlet system of the engine, causing your air filter to lose its shape and filtering capability.

All of the air getting into the intake system is passing through the air filter. As the name implies, the air filter's basic function is to filter out or trap the air particles that can damage the important engine parts including the walls, cylinders, pistons, and piston rings. Air filters further help in keeping contaminants off the airflow sensor. Sometimes, they clean the air getting in the crankcase for ventilation. Additionally, an air filter acts as a silencer in the intake system. Air filters are generally inexpensive because of their simple construction. The materials are typically disposable, pleated-paper, or fibrous, with a sealing gasket that is made of synthetic material. Some air filters are made out of fabric or cotton-like material that is oiled subsequently for the augmentation of the airflow through the filter.

Your S&B Air Filter must be replaced at least once a year. Driving with a dirty or clogged air filter will affect gas mileage and will cause inefficient performance for most components such as those in the emissions control system, which is responsible for regulating the air-fuel mixture in the vehicle.

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