S&B Car Parts & Accessories

Exceptional design, a leading edge manufacturing, and a commitment to innovations through research and development – these make the S&B brand a cut above the rest and has allowed it to make some headway and advancements within the high performance category. S&B has been in the market for over thirty years now and started with technically advanced high performance filters. The brand is also committed to the race community, developing products that feature incredibly high efficiency ratings and tremendously low airflow restriction.

S&B basically focuses on three major product categories: the performance filters, the performance intake kits, and the filter cleaning and oiling. The S&B performance filters may come in original equipment replacement filters, in diesel performance filters, custom assemblies, universal filters, and crankcase breathers. S&B manufactures high performance filters which will effectively replace the paper OE filters as supplied by the factory. These accessories are washable, reusable performance filters, and are also very easy to install and maintain. With proper maintenance, these air filters can last the life of your auto.

The custom assemblies, on the other hand, will provide better airflow by maximizing the surface area of the filter, resulting to far more horsepower and a high quality custom look. These custom assemblies are available for most carburetor applications in both drop and standard bases. And aside from these performance filters, S&B also carries performance intake kits which are all designed to increase airflow to your vehicle's engine and feature a far more superior styling. The brand is also known for the precision cleaning and oiling kit that allows vehicle owners to properly maintain their high performance air filters by precisely applying the correct amount of oil. The clearly-marked bottle and the easy-to-use applicator will allow the user to apply the proper amount of oil for each application.

With these kinds of performance products from the S&B brand, you can be sure that your vehicle will be in safe hands. S&B is perhaps more known for the filters that deliver performance without sacrificing engine protection. So better equip your automobile with S&B parts and accessories, which you can easily find here at Parts Train.