Ruville Car Parts & Accessories

One word encapsulates what Ruville has come to stand for motorists around the globe: quality. With more than 80 years of experience serving the automotive industry, the company has learned the real demands of customers. It has responded to these demands by supplying some of the finest automotive spare parts and accessories purchased from credible suppliers and international original equipment manufacturers. So if you're searching for a brand you can trust when it comes to wheel bearings, belt tensioners and wheel hub assemblies among many others, you've just found it.

Ruville sets itself apart from other manufacturers through its manifold processes designed to protect consumers. Their products are all subject to several internal and external tests before they can be rolled out and sold. The company is also huge. As part of the Schaeffler Group, it's represented in over a hundred countries through trading, sales and service organizations. Its headquarters in Hamburg has a warehouse that's stocked with around 17,500 products that are bound to be used by motorists, auto repair shops and other consumers worldwide.

So what does Ruville offer? Virtually everything. They have a wide variety of replacement parts and kits for customers to choose from. Kits include timing gear tension roller kits, water pump kits, auxiliary drive tension roller kits and camshaft kits among many others. They also have individual components such as strut mounts, expansion tank caps, wheel bearings, wheel hubs, pilot bearings-the list goes on. The most amazing thing is that these parts are of extremely high quality and are made to conform to OE specs for a perfect fit. With these components installed in your vehicle, you'll have peace of mind on the road knowing that nothing will go wrong.

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