Russell Fuel Line & Accessories

In your body, when the blood stops flowing, all other systems will also stop functioning. Relative to this, your vehicle has fuel that will serve as the blood that runs for the functioning of all other systems. Fuel is the most important element in the fuel system. A fuel system basically aims to store and supply fuel to the cylinder chamber, where fuel can be mixed with air to be vaporized and burned to produce energy. Fuel, either gasoline or diesel, is stored in a fuel tank. This is drawn by the fuel pump from the tank through fuel lines. Through a fuel filter, fuel is delivered to either a carburetor or fuel injector, leading to the cylinder chamber for combustion.

You Russell Fuel lines are very important for the conveyance of fuel. They connect all the units of the fuel system. Most of these are made of rolled steel or, sometimes, of drawn copper. Steel tubing for fuel lines is generally rust proofed by being copper or zinc plated. Steel lines and flexible hoses deliver the fuel from the tank to the engine. When servicing or replacing the said steel lines, copper or aluminum is used. The steel lines must definitely be replaced with steel. On the other hand, when replacing flexible rubber hoses, the right kind of hose must be used. An ordinary rubber, like those used in vacuum or water hose, will just soften and deteriorate. You must ensure that all hoses are routed away from the exhaust system. Fuel lines must be far away from exhaust pipes, mufflers, and manifolds to avoid causing vapor lock due to excessive heat. These are connected to the frame, the engine, and other units in a set up where vibration is minimal. Fuel lines should not touch sharp edges that might cause wear.

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