Rugged Ridge Windshield Hinge Kit & Accessories

When you travel down the road, you seldom realize that you are never safe if you do not have that piece of transparent glass right in the front of your vehicle. This important vehicle part, called the windshield, is the glass panel attached to the windshield panel in front of the vehicle. Windshields aim to guard all the occupants of a vehicle from wind, precipitations, and airborne road debris such as dust, rocks, and insects. Modern windshields are capable of protecting the occupants from most accidents. They contribute a lot in reducing the most probable injuries and preventing the possible ejection of occupants out of the windshield once a major collision takes place.

At the outer side of the windshield, there is a space at the lower part that is intended for the installation of the useful windshield hinge. The Rugged Ridge windshield hinge kits can replace their rusty or broken stock counterparts so that your vehicle's appearance is enhanced. The cowl vent cover and filler protector are intended for the replacement of the OEM plastic parts that tend to become brittle and cracked due to too much exposure to damaging elements. The hinge kit basically consists of the outer windshield hinge set that is coated with durable black powder finish.

The Rugged Ridge Windshield Hinge Kits are useful in the installation of a functional light or a side mirror. The bolt-on set up is designed for easy installation, which you can simply do by yourself. Purchase a new one from a reliable, one-stop online source like Parts Train.

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