Rugged Ridge Windshield Channel & Accessories

The windshield is the glass panel that protects you and the other occupants of your vehicle. It effectively defies wind, precipitations, and airborne road debris such as dust, rocks, and insects. Driving your vehicle without windshield is definitely risky. Aside from deflecting the foreign debris that can mess up your trip, windshields are also capable of reducing the hazard of a major accident. Most windshields manufactured today are capable of protecting you and the rest of the occupants in your vehicle during accidents. They reduce the most probable injuries and prevent possible ejection of occupants out of the windshield during a major collision.

Tough parts must make up a vehicle's windshield. One of these is the windshield channel. The Windshield Channels, which are very important for open vehicles, are often required for soft top installation. Windshield Channel and soft top set up is not interchangeable, that is why it is good to check the application before purchasing a Rugged Ridge Windshield Channel for your vehicle.

Your windshield must be supported with excellently arranged components. The window frame expands next to the lower edge of the windshield, which is fixed firmly with the bottom side of the windshield. Such set up forms a channel that importantly extends parallel to the lower edge. A wedge is inserted to the channel of the window frame and is fixed with a retaining connecting member of the water deflector inside the channel. The wedge should be provided in the form of a strip. A connection is important to the water deflector that is mounted more easily.

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