Rugged Ridge Tire Stop & Accessories

The wheels and tires are just the significant contributor to the motion of your vehicle. Their assembly is attached to your vehicle through several holes in the wheel using lug nuts. Since tires are usually not manufactured with perfectly even mass all around the tire, a special tire-balancing apparatus spins the wheel with the tire to determine where small weights have to be attached on the outer edges of the rim to balance out the wheel. This tire balancing with certain weights avoids vibration when the vehicle is driven at higher speeds. Once your tires meet some problems down the road, say when you ran flat, you must be saved if you have an extra one for replacement.

For most jeeps and SUVs, tire stops are very important devices to hold an extra tire that's intended for emergency replacement. A tire stop is usually placed at the rear part of the vehicle. The extra wheel and tire assembly is bolted on to your Rugged Ridge Tire stop, and is detached whenever a replacement is necessary. The installation of the tire stop and bolting in of the wheel and tire assembly on it is one effective set up used to manifest an aggressive look for the rear part of the vehicle.

The Tire Stop Parking mats on the other hand are those devices that help you position your vehicle on the right spot. They are often heavy-duty rubbers designed to remain in place. A tire stop parking mat is effective for keeping your vehicle from moving forward or backward while parking. Thus, it prevents damage to vehicle, walls, or any thing in your garage.

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