Rugged Ridge Tie Down & Accessories

Securing your cargos is really important especially when you place them on your roof while stepping on your gas pedal on the extreme. Turning and braking would be sometimes harsh, and so your cargos need to be held in their respective places securely. This is the reason why tie downs are made. The Rugged Ridge Tie Downs are made for variety of uses. Its main function is to secure your cargos. These are like web that grip on your things tightly so that they are kept from being thrown away from your vehicle while speeding up and braking down.

The Rugged Ridge Tie Down is mounted with simple bolt-on installation. Its web reach extends up to certain length. Some tie downs automatically retracts and stores web. There is a built-in ratchet for attaining maximum torque. Tie downs are designed for maximum weight and tensile stress. They are often stretchable and made to endure maximum strain. There are some which have rubber coated handle and release lever for better grip. Most tie downs are designed for easy one-hand operation with rotational hardware for easy installation.

When choosing your tie down, you have to estimate the weight and size of the items to be tied down. Always select the tie-down with a load limit equals to or greater than the weight and the required length. If there is, choose the buckle and hook style. Tie down hooks will free you from the pain of finding a strap down after a fun day at the track. Some tie downs are powder coated, and is often red. The snap-and-go designs are very useful and convenient.

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