Rugged Ridge Steering Column Cover & Accessories

Steering wheels are often circular and are attached to the steering column by one or more spokes. Others have butterfly shape design. Left hand drive vehicles usually have the steering wheel on the right side. The opposite applies on the other hand for the right hand drive cars. Aside from its significant contribution to the vehicle's steering, the steering wheel is the usual location for the button that's used to activate the horn. Several modern vehicles have other controls, including the cruise control and audio system controls, built into the steering wheel to minimize your tendency to take your hands off the wheel.

The Rugged Ridge Steering Column Cover is the metal panel beneath the steering wheel. This component covers the steering column through a main failure mode, where the lower plastic tabs at the dashboard often break off. Because of this, it becomes difficult to let the cover stay in place. The distracting wires are possible to be hidden into the column covers! Your Rugged Steering column covers help hide all of the unattractive wires while giving a cleaner look to your cab. The cover unit is composed of a coverplate positioned against the engine side of the partition wall. The coverplate with an annular sealing sleeve extending outwardly from one side is for insertion through the opening in the partition wall. The steering wheel column can be axially inserted through the annular sleeve of the coverplate and shoulder in the sleeve. The sleeve serves as a stop for a collar on the steering wheel column, provided to limit the travel of the column through the plate. The counterplate included in the cover unit is mounted against the driver's side of the partition wall.

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