Rugged Ridge Seat Frame & Accessories

The term frame refers to a skeleton or to a support. This is a structural system that serves as a guide for the construction of a certain solid arrangement of parts. Your car seats, for example, are built around a metal Rugged Ridge seat frame. The standard car seats come at an increasing number of small brands of recumbent. The seat pan bolts on to the frame. The seat pad is put over this pan and is held in place by stretching the seat bottom cover over it. The frame clamp is also bolted on to the seat frame. Some loc clamp allows taking recline adjustment without loosening the clamp that holds the seat to the frame.

A resiliently-mounted vehicle seat is consisted of a resilient damped mounting between the seat frame and an underframe. Such mounting aims to prevent a construction that impedes up and down movement of the seat frame and tilting of a back rest pivotally connected to such seat frame. A scissors linkage provides underframe support to the seat frame. This scissors linkage has an extension of one of the links that usually projects further than the pivot for that link, carrying one shock absorber. A cam surface forms through the extension and a spring is carried on a movable shaft placed over the cam surface. One end of the shock absorber and of the spring are brought on the shafts that are installed on an extension of the seat frame or the underframe.

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