Rugged Ridge Roll Bar Padding & Accessories

All open cars, like Jeep, should have a roll bar to protect the occupants from injury once a roll-over happens. The roll bar must withstand the forces involved in supporting the full weight of the vehicle. The roll bar's main hoop must extend the full width of the vehicle. This should run continuously with smooth bends, having no evidence of crimping or wall failure. The welds must essentially be of high quality to sustain the desired protection. Roll bars must have adequate roll bar paddings, which essentially reduce the possible injuries from accidents. In case the driver's head come in contact with the roll bar and the seatback fails, a seatback brace is required then.

There is a way to avoid the possibility of a strapped-in passenger in the convertible vehicle from going beyond the extension of the tiltable roll bar, once the vehicle turns over even if the roll bar is erected. The roll bar is extended beyond its particular pivoting point. The extension engages around the shoulder-belt part between the deflection point and the lower fastening point. Once the roll bar swings up, the tautening of the belt-band will run since the shoulder-belt part is taken up.

The Rugged Ridge Roll Bar padding is very important as they stand as effective shock absorbers when a certain part of your body come in abrupt, harsh contact with it. This is mandatory on places where the driver is in contact with the cage. All roll bar padding in the driver's compartment should be fire retardant. If you have an open vehicle, always consider having a roll bar padding for maximum protection. Furthermore, be sure that the paddings that you will be purchasing are of excellent quality to provide the desired protection.

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