Rugged Ridge Hood Trim Kit & Accessories

Vehicle's panels are designed to provide protection to the different vehicle systems. The hood, as one of these panels, is a solid structure that is very important for several major vehicle parts. This is an opening body panel at the front of the cowl that covers the engine of a front-engine vehicle. The basic objective of the hood is to protect the engine parts. In UK, it is known as the 'bonnet'. It is also considered as another type of door in a vehicle because similar to other doors; it has an outer panel and an inner panel. The inner panel gives strength while the outer panel serves as the metal cover.

The underside of the hood is often covered with a sound-absorbing material. Some hoods are manufactured with a built-in scoop while some are custom-made to cater the driver's personal taste. The scoops are often made of steel, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. Because hoods are mounted at the front area of the vehicle, damages brought about by collisions can possibly happen always. Corrosion or rust is also a major factor that can damage the car's hood. Regular check up is therefore important for the maintenance of your hood's condition. The Rugged Ridge Hood Trim kit is very practical for your hood setup. The parts are easily installed in minutes so that additional character is attained for the simple hood design.

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