Rugged Ridge Hood Hinge Kit & Accessories

Have you ever feared that your vehicle's hood might suddenly crash down on your head while you check your vehicle's engine? This scenario might happen if your vehicle's hood is not supported properly. For the hood to hold its position once it's opened, vehicles make use of a metal rod installed along the engine bay's side area. When pulled up, the metal rod's structure provides your vehicle's hood with the support it needs to hold its position.

But even this convenient rod can't stop your vehicle's hood from toppling sideward, can it? While you're safe from injury in that scenario, your vehicle's hood is bound to suffer great damage. And without the hood's protection, your engine is vulnerable to harsh environmental conditions. Fortunately, aftermarket auto parts brand Rugged Ridge prevents this unpleasant chain of problems through the Rugged Ridge hood hinge kit. This nifty kit ensures that your vehicle's hood stays in place at all times.

The Rugged Ridge hood hinge kit is a set of hinges, screws, nuts, and bolts designed to secure the hood perfectly. The kit from Rugged Ridge guarantees hassle-free installation. Once the kit's parts are installed, the Rugged Ridge hood kit keeps the hood mounted on your vehicle's body, even when your vehicle accelerates. The hinges included in the kit help you open and close your vehicle's hood more easily. All parts in the Rugged Ridge hood hinge kit are made of durable stainless steel, assuring you of only the best support for your vehicle's hood. The parts in this premium Rugged Range product also come in a black or chrome finish to enhance your vehicle's style.

Your vehicle's hood needs the help of these hinges, screws, nuts, and bolts. These parts must be regularly checked for damage or deterioration. Rusted or broken hinges particularly pose a problem should you want to lift your vehicle's hood. For replacement hood hinges and screws, or for a Rugged Ridge hood hinge kit, drop by our online catalog at Parts Train. Our website offers a wide range of Rugged Ridge products for you to choose from.